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install touring spoiler on base g20 help

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Picked up g20 spoiler today but Searched around and got no where besides drilling tholes in has anyone wired up the brake light if so how
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It should be pretty simple. I've never done this, but it should work fine. Two wires off the spoiler; power and ground. You tie the power to brake like (+) and the ground (-). These should already be in the deck lid at the lights.
pull off the liner that's under the trunk. Should be a harness there.
So, do you also need help with where to drill the holes?
If so, maybe someone with a spoiler has a template, or you can measure. Be careful to use an appropriate size drill bit, you dont want the hole too large.
where did you get the spoiler?
I have a sport trunk if you need to see where to drill.
I have an idea based off the car i car i pulled it off but i dont think i want to add the clips incase i change my mind later on and be stuck with those larger holes. The wires were cut off a few inches after the connector just leaving the red and black wires. May end up selling though if i change my mind after mocking it up today
i'm surprised i haven't seen where someone has cut out the middle post and rerouted the power thru the spoiler to the passenger side of it. Then you would only have 2 holes in the trunk. Would take a little bit of work and need a repaint though.
That is what i was thinking of doing to avoid another hole and run it through the right side, i was able to go back and get the entire trunk harness so can i just switch the harnesses to make it easier
that center post curls pretty hard though into the flat of the spoiler so a pretty big chunk would have to come out thought....i never cared for the center post really.
The holes to mount the spoiler are meant to be under the rubber seal covers in the base model trunk right?
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