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interior coolant leak, help me identify!

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so whats above the first leak from the bolt?

As I pull back, you can see there are more leaks from under the glove from another bolt and one from the firewall. The firewall Im suspecting is one of the coolant hoses that connect to the heater core, can anyone confirm this?

Thanks gang!
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Bet your heater core is bad.
I have a new heater core on the way, but I want to make sure that the leak corresponds with that and not coolant hoses in different areas that will be next to impossible to get to.
Heater core would be the only thing in that area........if it where water and manifesting itself by way of leak out of the blower motor box I'd have a suggestion for you on what causes that leak, but this is clearly a bad heater core and /or the hard lines coming off the heater core weather plastic or metal IIRC those come with the heater core anyways so it'll be replaced.
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