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So I have finally got my shit together and did the whole upgrade process without cutting any stock wires (that I know of...)

This first post will only contain the JDM Duals upgrade to H1 bulbs.
However I plan to follow up in this thread to do a HID upgrade to 4k bulbs

So anyways what you need to do this the way I did.

1. Patience
2. Dexterity
3. Cool workplace (sucks to sweat all over stuff...)
5. Soldering Iron with solder!
6. A Clean Work Space
7. 18 Gauge wire (I used Red Black and Green you can use what ever but this is what radio shack had)
8. Some Crimp on Quick Disconnects (I used 1/4" (12-10 gauge ones since I was planning on soldering anyways))
9. Pliers (to strip wires as well as crimp the quick disconnects)
10. JDM Duals (DUH...)
11. Make sure you have working bulbs... (they are all H1 I have no idea what the turn signal ones are...)
12. A knife (yes a knife ill show you why later)
13. A H4 wire harness (last item on this list (select Park # H4 from the dropdown on the right)
14. A 10 MM Wrench and Socket (get a small Ratchet I was using a 3/8's I believe and it worked nice any bigger and it wouldn't have fit very well...) And you will need an extension to get into some places...

So now that you have all of that sit down at your workspace and begin soldering on the disconnects and creating the wires that will plug into the bulbs!

Heat up the soldering Iron!

Cut the ends off the H4 Wire Harness

And solder on the quick disconnects

And create the wires that will plug onto the bulbs (make sure the bulb end gets female side of the connect (its the larger one...))
For the ground wire (black) put 2 wires into the side that plugs into the harness so you can have HI LOW!!!

Now that the wiring is done!!! Lets move onto getting those old crummy Head Light Casings out of the car.

Open the hood of the car For those that don't know where the lever to open the hood is id suggest you don't do this by yourself.

Next Setup you workspace (yes I know the old headlamps are in that picture just ignore them...)

Don't really have pictures of the next part but this is where it gets tricky
First remove the screws on top of the headlamps (there are 2 on each they are located on the top that overlaps the frame)

After that I found it easiest to take the radiator blocks or what ever they are called off (these are the things that hold the thing that holds the hood up when open (there are 2 nuts that need to be removed (don't mix these parts up the nuts don't matter but the other parts do...)

Then there is a 2 screws that holds what ever the thing in front of the radiator in. (kinda in behind and hard to get to. Get these off since we will need to push this back to get the nuts that hold the headlamps in...)

Once those are out Push that thing back (yes it will bend some but don't worry) And then look in there. There is now a nut that is visible above the one that held the radiator thingy in... Undo those (1 on each head lamp)

Now you car should look like this

Once both are out (repeat the above to get the other side out...) Find this wire (one on each side) its for the turn signal... You will notice your turn lamp wont slide in because of a grove that is missing so who needs that just cut off the part that goes into the grove that does not exist... (This is where the knife comes in...)

Next wire up the new lights and test!

Note that the right side (black wire on the new harness is ground) And red (the side opposite of black or left lol) is Hi Beams and The top is Low Beams. (white/green)

Plug back in the turn signal (the day time running light does not fit... I did not care that much so I ignored putting it back in and just took the light off... and left the connector there. I normally run with the headlights all the time since they turn off when I open the door...

Now bolt everything back up!
and looky at what you did!

And double check to make sure everything works!

(I didnt have Hi Beam bulbs since I was planning on do the HIDs as well (which I will do this weekend if everything works out!!! and Ill try and get pictures of taking the shit out since I need to do that again lol)

And check your car out later at night and see the diffrence! (Its still light out right now... Ill repost with Hi/Low (I bought 2 more bulbs!!!) and with them on at night!

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great write up, nice pics!

56K warned, also good broadband users should be warned. Those pics are huge :)
And to think those all came from my T-Mobile G1 phone lol (im dead serious about this...)
Ill shrink the images down... I wasnt thinking when I uploaded...

As for the write-up I have issues when trying to do the install so I figured documenting it would be a nice thing for everyone else who wants to do it in the future!

Mostly its getting the housings out of the car and a little bit of the wiring...

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Oh great!
Now I need to buy a 30" monitor just to view threads on gNet?

Thanks for the write up.
I wish I had this 5 weeks ago...

Yes didnt you know everyone needs a 30"+ monitor...
Ive just upgraded to a 24" (still using the 20" as well lol)
And I plan to get a 52" 1080p LCD here probably before xmas...

Im planning on resizing these down so they arnt so HUGE!

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I have a set of the JDM duals coming in. I haven't decided if I want to put HIDs in them or not. If I do decide, I'll try to take a lot of pictures of the process and if you don't mind, I'll add them to this thread, and try to do a write up, if you haven't done so.

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As a note be careful when cutting HID bulb wires. The length of the wires does matter I'll show you pics of mine.

The input harness doesnt matter (the one to power high beam and ground)
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