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jdm kouki fogs w/ finishers

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Best looking OEM fogs for primera p11... kouki JDM with finishers..... clear, non fluted, sexy lights...... 165 shipped or best offer

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what makes them kouki? and whats the diff between oem?
better light output from usdm
Non fluted are kouki. Better output (non fluted). Yes itll work on usdm bumpers
here's a sample of a zenki fogs.. fluted and not as bright as kouki versions
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How strong of a bulb can you put in these? IIRC the USDM ones are 55w.
OK, will these fit a 2000 G20 and how difficult are they to install? Will they be compatible with a factory wiring harness, what about a switch?

ill bolt onto factory usdm and jdm bumpers. wont plug in onto factory plugs as these are jdm units. wires are simple cut and crimp deal. fog stalks are required though
These are clean and light output will be better. It's a simple install once you cut the wires from US to these fogs, and straightforward.
easy install. glws
Best looking OEM fogs for primera p11...
LIES all lies!!!

the flutted fogs are the best looking OE fogs ;)
consider this a free bump
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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