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JDM Primera TEV Front Tow Hooks

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As the title states,

its the front tow hook for the TEV front bumper conversion that comes out from the side of the passenger side fog light.

$75 plus shipping.

i am not on here very often anymore, so email is the best form of contact.

[email protected]
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what about the rear tow hook for tev?
thats not gonna happen
Do those not exist?

I have TEV bumber looks like there is empty space between p11 chasis and tow hook slot, is any special fabrication needed to make this work with the TEV bumper?
manjuice go back to your other sig please
I know I miss it. I was getting too much heat about it "it's not appropriate"

Is this tow hook different than the one Malady is selling? I notice your set comes with an extra piece, what are mounting instructions? I'm very interested in purchasing.
clean inbox, bought T25 and intercooler a few years back from you
Bump, sent you email 2x. Ready to send pp
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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