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JDM rear mirror+ wiper

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Wondering how many of you guys have seem these?

Pics were taken off from my brother's Grey primera (p11) and other fellows. He did the swap all by himself, and it could be done on any USDM/EUDM p11.

Difference between JDM with wiper and the common one without wiper in details


Common with no wiper

Place where the motor mount at.

Plastic cover off GTR <= super hard to come by this cover


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i think there is a very few maybe one member on the forum with this...
i thought about it and have access to a rear glass, but thought, P11 though? lol. Couldn't see the purpose, opted not to.
I've always wanted to install one. it is always raining here and water collects right in the middle of the rear window making it hard to see.
yeah I know Venus has some for cheap out in Sacramento but like Alex said above no real purpose to do it at least in Cali it would be more for looks.
love the look, I wish the P10 had one
would be nice here in the snowy midwest. Still seems like a lot of hassle for not much hustle
love the look, I wish the P10 had one
has been done before...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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