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JDM volk wheels 4x114.3 CHEAP!!

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$300 bucks
located in rialto california 92376

Front: 17x7 +28, Rear: 17x8 +35
Bolt Pattern: 4x114.3

Volks Group AV Racing 2 piece wheels
3 of the 4 have curb rash.

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replied! sent ya a text message
if pawl (jtek) dont pick up let me know ill buy them off you.
have these been sold? willing to ship?
I am wondering the same thing...
I'd be all over these probably if they weren't staggered.
I've gone back and forth between staggered and non-staggered wheels for 8 years and I don't feel any difference at all. Don't knock it til you try it. :p
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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