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Location: MD
Item Price: 75
Item Condition: Used
Item Location: MD/DC/NOVA
Shipping Options: Local pick-up , Continental US , All US States & Territories
Acceptable Means of Payment: Paypal , Cash
My Name: Chris
Contact Information: PM
Image: See Thread

I have a JGY top feed fuel rail for sale. Good condition and comes with the extension to mount up either a stock or NISMO fuel pressure regulator as well as rail-manifold brackets

No screws for the brackets, but you can re-use your stock stuff (I only have one screw I think, hence the reason why)

I may have a set of 50lb injectors I can do for a 150 combo deal



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Is this for a lowport? If so it would super simplify putting the intake manifold on my RR and still use stock top feed inj.
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