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Going to install tomorrow night.
I just want to have a good setting from the start since its annoying up front to adjust it.. then later on i will tweak to find the perfect setup for me depending on what kind of driving i will be doing.

dampening + height= as long as its better then eibachs on stock shocks i'm good..

on stock p11 rims and tires wheel bearings are few months old tires are one month old

want as low as possible all around with not too much back breaking on bumps

so far here is one suggestion i got feel free to chime in ...

Starting from the rears, I 5 coils up from the lowest setting. The fronts are 28 coils up from the lowest setting. Both at the wheelbase is 24 inches off the ground on 205-50-15 tires. The front bumper is 4 inches off the ground in the middle point.
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