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just bought a swapo but before I do swaoo I need answers to my question

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Cently bought a ve from a junkyard that was in a b14 thrown there they sold it to me for 300 with header n60 maf exhuast tip apexi n1 cams alt and the whole nine yard with out tranny I've only done one swap so I have questions like does the 92 harness work or should I use the 94 g20t harness it does have a findanza flywheel and a 6puk clutch springs any advise would help ...doess it all plug and play or is there any mods I have to do. Please help me.
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Lol .. I recently bought a sr20ve from a local junkyard in L.I. I spend $350 on a ve motor, maf, mss window switch, headers, muffler tip, and n1 cams. I'm super excited to swap it in the p10 I have which I just swapped with a ser 92 engine. Am I supposed to make any mods to the harness in order to make it run right ? or would you recommend to use a g20t harness ? My car is a 92 p10 but I also have the 94g20t harness. What would make this process easier ?
I have an early '93 I dropped a VE in. I used the original OBD harness and it was a lot repinning connectors. I would run the '94.
Hmm... I think the 92-94 harness are pretty much the same but I'm no p10 expert. 92 is a high port... I think the 94 might be a low port.... That might matter as far as harness routing.

Lucky find getting a VE at the junkyard. You're certain it's a VE right? Has the soleloids and other identifiers?
Yeah its deff a ve valve cover one way to identify two two vvl selenoids three mss window switch connected to the and I had one already on a 94g20t it was on a b14 ser black with neo vvl sticker on the quarter panels dropped on agx adj.. struts on teil suspension it was impounded by the cops in long island with a made in japan sticker on the back windshield
Isn't up to '93 OBD1 and '94+ OBDII?
If that's true that's pretty significant difference.
So basiclyy to you guys it better to run a 94 g20t harness on a ve then the 92 g20 highport harness.
Run the harness that goes with your car. If you have a 92 then run the 92 harness. If you have a 94 run the 94 harness.
The car is located in july auto wreck in mineola long island..ill send pics to you emaill or post them on instagram if you wanna follow. but idk how to post pics on the forumm it ask for a url and I have my pics on my phone. If you have instagram follow me on vvlpoppinloud ill follow back
[/URL][/IMG] blurry shot I took earlier but that the ve
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[/URL][/IMG] this is my p10
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^^ toyota dealer ? wanna get rid of the motor ? :)
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