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Hey gents.

Got advised to update my ride's progress in this section :) so here it is:

I've been posting in the "new members" section not knowing that I have to actually post here (oops lol)

Here's a link to the thread I've started there:

And here's some new progress on the "loveboat" as I affectionately call her :p

Added a full custom 63mm stainless steel exhaust system with a 110mm tail piece and a branch that is usually used on most of the VE setups around here. (Yes I'm still DE-RR and plan on going VE soon so hence the exhaust upgrade in that direction)

Here are some pics of the car after the exhaust :


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Some more pics

Thought i'd add some pictures taken at a local dyno day by a friend of mine :D

did a little photo editing dream lol

shot of my exhaust :p

mini-shoot with the GTi-R, 280zx and S13 200sx.


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Some random pictures and new updates

Hey guys. So I've been busy looking for some side skirts for quite some time now and recently found some skirts including some other parts for a real good deal. Heck I jumped at the moment I saw it.

The parts include:
side skirts
boot fin + brake light
interior light
LHS OEM headlamp and indicator
GT front bumper(not in the best of conditions. who am I kidding? The bumper looks downright nasty!:throwup::throwup::throwup:)

Got all these parts for a whopping price of R900. That equates to about $80.75 dollars (at the time of typing). Yes I know. I had the same expression on my face you have right now.:shifty::shifty::shock::shock:

Here's some pictures of the parts :naughty:

yeah the bumper would need nothing short of a miracle.

I couldn't wait to fit the side skirts so I mock-fitted them and then decided not to take them off haha. Yeah they're green but kinda looks like black hehe:teeth::teeth:

Before i show you that, here's some pictures I snapped about a month ago

So on a rainy day I decided to fit the skirts and head on down to the petrol station (or gas station as you guys in the states say hehe) and snap some pics. The petrol attendant decided to photobomb me :teeth: . Yeah we dont use the pumps ourselves down in South Africa. Job creation haha. But I think the main thing is because we might just forget to pay :teeth::teeth::teeth:

here's the skirts and light fitted.

the front kinda looked dumb with the new headlight not tinted. So i had it done (was in a hurry when I did it so it kinda came out crappy)


yeah my dog is a model. He loves photo's haha

the headlight tint is kinda not the same colour due to the other one being on there for more than a year. but yeah, close enough I guess.

Here's how I'd like the car to look after I spray the skirts and eventually fix the other bumper. Oh and some more low:lick::p

black wheels. Yay or nay?

All in all my end goal is almost complete. I would really love the bumpers you guys have on the G20's though. That would be so much more unique than a GT bumper. :x but oh well. haha

lemme know what you guys think;)

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