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I switched out the ECU with a known good one, and the good one shows 5.11V at the Terminal 27 ECU (probing Term. 27 and chassis ground). The other ECU was showing 3.32V at Terminal 27. My current KS sub-harness wire is kinked and the shielding ground wire is exposed. I have a new one on the way. I will switch it out and see if I get 5.11 V. at the KS connector.
I installed a new Knock Sensor sub-harness, but was still getting the KS problem code, 34.
It is actually the sub-harness from the Nissan S13 KA24DE engine. The connectors were the right fit for my p10, BUT THE WIRING PIN-OUT IS REVERSED. Ground should be where the signal wire was and vice versa. I de-pinned the connector, switched the two pins, used silicone tape to put a tight collar around the wires, and it works. No more Code 34. My knock sensor code 34 was apparently due to my kinked sub-harness.
I purchased the sub-harness as a special order from Wiring Specialties out of Brookfield, Conneticutt.
SKU # WRS-S13KA-KNK This is a KS sub-harness for an S13 KA24DE engine. It was extended to allow for the extra length needed for my p10 highport.

Seven years ago, I was getting the KS code on the ECU. I replaced the knock sensor and the code went away, but 3.32V were all I ever saw when testing the KS sensor circuit, before and after I changed the Knock Sensor.

As a side note, I spliced in a new MAF connector (SKU # WRS-S13SRMAFSCNT-PRO) and re-grounded the MAF sensor by running the new ground wire that came attached to the connector, to the negative battery terminal. The MAF code 12 has also gone away. 55 could be my favorite number. (Code 55 = Everything OK)
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