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Been trying for a couple of days to figure out how to post pics. Finally. I figured out how to post pics. Special thanks to "designs" for his sticky from 2003 at

Just purchased this 2000 G20, 149,000 miles, for $400. Driver's leather seat is trashed on edge closest to driver's door. Normal wear point on most cars. Same thing happened to my 1992 Firebird. Had to replace the seat. Wish manufacturers would sew a thick leather patch on that area since they know that point wears out faster that the rest of the seat or other seats in the vehicle.

But, on the other hand, that's probably one of the reasons I got the car so cheap. :p

At any rate, for anyone interested, here's the pics I took the day I purchased. Body looks good other than the clear coat lifting off the front bumper. Not sure how I'll deal with that. Even if I can get it away from my GF who decided it's her car. BTW - white specks are not bad photography; it was snowing; the start of a really big snow storm.

OK. Now how is this thread "completely off topic?" Simple, for anyone who read down this far enjoy:

And I'm not forgetting the women members of the forum:

Sorry. The devil made me do it. :bigdevil:
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