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light weight flywheel,clutch and 5th gear.... some help pleaseeee!!!!!!!

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sup!!guys.... its been a long time since last time i post in almost sounds good cause i haven't had any problems with the car.. but i guess its about!!well i had problems with 5th gear few months ago but it end up been some bad bushings.. car been running good till few days ago..
(no 5th gear..againg..:baffled: and clutch slipping) so today i woke up "early" 12:30;) and start taking the tranny off...almost 2 hours later...tranny its had and exedy clutch and a light weight flywheel.. butttt... its a 108 teeth flywheel :depressed witch i thing its from a p10 right?? so that explain the check engine light for the cp sensor.. i had never seen a manual p11 at the junk yard so, cant get a p11 what would you guys do??? just keep the light weight flywheel resurface it and use it?? of does the 109 teeth flywheel comes in other car with the sr20?? also the pressure plate had 2 bolts missing... so maybe that cause the slipping clutch... am taking apart the tranny tomorrow to see if the 5th gear its bad/..

so what should i do with the flywheel?? keep it??? does the code for crank sensor retards the timing? of or causes any driving issues??

thanx!! for all the help guys!!!
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108 tooth is the one that's good for your p11 (no codes). 109 on the other had will throw a code
Ok koo.. Thanx!! I tough it was the other way around.. Will a small chipped on the flywheel teeths caUse a check engine light to go on??
it seems like the starter been almost grinding on the flywheel teeth.. could the be causing the crank sensor to not read properly and throe a code ??
you sure you have a 108 tooth flywheel? did the code just recently happen? looks like you need to slightly adjust your starter upon install so that it doesnt hit the flywheel tooth. if the code wasnt there before then most likely your magnetic sensor went bad or probably a short or open on the wiring. gl
yeah its the 108 teeth.. on the pic from post #4 you can the the white marks i did to count the teeth.. i always had the code.. at the beginning i didnt have a hole on the tranny for the sensor..

so i made my own.. but my lazy a$$ didnt took the tranny off to make the hole. so its wasnt straight were it was suppost to be..

its slightly to the side,tilted down a bit and its not pointing straight to the flywheel..i switch few cp sensors but the code never came off..
how can i adjust the starter?
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when you mount the starter, theres a little play.. try to push starter up (giving starter gear to flywheel gear some distance) next time before you secure the bolts. as for the crank sensor, that thing needs to be w/n nissan spec in order for it to work properly
just got the flywheel from machine shop..

does it suppose to be flat or with a step?? does it look right?

am in a really tight budget on this car so i try to spend as little as possible.. i found a clutch disk and pressure plate in really good conditions for $5 bucks at the junk yard.. witch am going to use for now.. but i notice that the pressure plate from the exedy clutch that i took off my car its perfectly flat and straight..

in this pic you can see the bottom of the pressure plate, did no make contact with the disc cause those 2 bottom screws holding the pressure plate to the flywheel where snap..

has no lip or nothing.. its nice and smooth.. can i clean it up a bit with sand paper and reuse it?? what would be the bad on using it??
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You were asking for trouble running a clutch with missing bolts. Not to mention they were beside each other.
I didnt do it.. I got the car for $200 bucks like a year ago, just need it few details here and there .. But for $200 cant complain too much..haha.. It was just few days ago that the clutch starter to slip and that how i found out about the missing bolts on the pressure plate..

i found this 5th gear at the junk yard few months ago for $5 bucks, to replace my old one that was popping out..
seems to be the "newer" redesigned gear that has about 2mm between the gear teeth and the dog teeth...

but it came off a 95-96 cant remember exactly.. any experience on swapping gears from one year to another??
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some one said that if it was a 99 tranny then yeah it will work, but not sure if my tranny was a 99 do to the fact that it didn't have an crank sensor on it..
don't really wanna put it in and destroy the whole tranny cause of the gear.. but i been searching for few days now but cant find any info..
if your tranny did not have a hole for the CPS, your tranny is a old 94> p10 tranny, or some B series Tranny
if your tranny did not have a hole for the CPS, your tranny is a old 94> p10 tranny, or some B series Tranny
ok koo thanx!! so ill be ok with the gear that i got...any reason to do that?? shorter gear ratios? or something? also my driver side axle was not all the way in the tranny?

When i got the car, the guy told me, the tranny was bad cause it had a grinding noise. but all it was the axle that pop out,...soo ill think my driver side axle its shorter... maybe the tranny its not lsd and the axle its the one from the stock g20t lsd ?
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