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Lindmanns Sportline GT

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So since our german message board is more or less dead by now I'll give this place a shot. This won't be much of a WIP thread I guess, but who knows.

I'll start with a little history...
20 years back I had a blue P10 which was my entry point to the realms of nissan and other japanese cars. This car was absolutely phantastic and I have nothing but good things to say about it (which would be a lie...but you know...over such a long strech only the good memories remain...).

But eventually this came to end. A had a couple other cars since but there has always been a hole in my heart that could only be filled with a Nissan it seemed. So I bought an S14. Absolutely gorgeous car, as good as the P10 -if not better- in almost every aspect of the car...but apparently it wasn't enough to satisfy my nissan needs. The S14 stayed but I startet watching out for P10s and P11s.

Fortunately a short while later, a black P11 GT Sportline edition (which is basically a regular GT but with a few minor factory mods) popped up locally for a good price. So I pulled the trigger and the P11 served as my daily driver since then.

This is how I bought it

  • 1997 GT Sportline, just under 180.000 km
  • Intrax coilovers
  • hideous wheels
  • tubular header, 2,5" cat back
  • some hifi stuff
I wasn't too fond of the wheels to say the least, but as I was short on money, I wasn't able to justify buying new ones. So I took a rattle can and put a couple of black layers over them. This didn't make them beautiful all of a sudden but at least these abominations didn't pop as much anymore.

After that nothing really changed for a long time. I had it unregistered for some time to give it a much-needed overhaul but other than that the car remained as by beloved daily driver.

Fast forward to the present kinda felt like I got more dailies than I actually needed so I decided that the P11 can be retired as a daily driver now which opened up the opportunity to drop the suspension a bit more. And of course new wheels. Finally new wheels.

I went with the Japan Racing JR11 (which is basically the XXR 527 but for some reason these are branded diffently in germany). I know...everyone and their mother is rocking these on their car but I have always loved them and they just look too good not to have them on my P11.

So this is how the car is sitting now

And I am currently contemplating putting amber corner lights in. Not sure if I like them or not. So I ordered a second pair, spraypainted them and shoved them in for a test fit. Still on the fence...

Thanks for reading.
So...what do you guys think...should I go amber or not...?
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I enjoyed reading your story. Gorgeous cars! I started myself with black P11 GT. This had amber sides and rears but no amber corners in the front. Switched everything to clear because I thought it looked "meaner". Really liked it but then I found pictures of black P11 with amber all around and also quite liked that. So i'm also going back and forth about what color the lights should be. On my 2 red P10 eGT's it's amber all round because the P10 just looks better with those. P11 looks good either way. So what I'm saying (I guess): drive some time with amber, then switch to clear. Repeat this process until you can decide what you like the most 馃槄 I'm also always doubting which grille to place :p
Welcome. That P10 was beautiful. The P11 isn鈥檛 bad either.
So what I'm saying (I guess): drive some time with amber, then switch to clear. Repeat this process until you can decide what you like the most
I might actually be doing this. I think I am leaning a bit towards amber...but this could change real quick.

That P10 was beautiful.
Yeah I loved that thing.
I totally regret getting rid of it.
It had an overheated engine and neither did I have the money to get it fixed... I also didn't have a shop and the necessary knowlege/experience to pull it off myself. Today this would be a piece of cake and I would love to still have the car...but back then it was just unrealistic so I had to let it go. Too bad.
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