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Kirru just killed the chat this morning for an hour and 12 minutes

9:10 AM <Kirru> hahaha woot woot
9:09 AM <itinifni>
9:08 AM <Teachmehowto20> kirru 1 hour kill
7:57 AM <Kirru> ah, interesting... i'll stick to regular mountain dew and the occasional red bull
7:55 AM <itinifni> carbonated Kool Aid, with that saccerin aftertaste that is bitter. I'll review the orange tomorrow, I have the punch
7:52 AM <Kirru> haha, i was just thinking about trying on this morning, whats it taste like?

but its always slow in the mornings, who else has super long kills?

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3:15 AM <Helladank> t-1hr and now I'm swayze
2:58 AM <Helladank> Put Dane to sleep with some ninja stars and now I own the night
2:14 AM <Helladank> sssshhhhhhh swiftly attacking in the night
2:14 AM <Helladank> Ninja Chat Killer
11:33 PM <DMSentra> night, and thank you dane
11:33 PM <DMSentra> ok, shutting down on a good note, literally and figuratively
11:26 PM <DMSentra> much grassy ass
11:20 PM <Dane> Reboot and test
11:19 PM <DMSentra> reinstalled using their recommended settings, window didn't show again
11:18 PM <Dane> Just keep going or do it again
11:18 PM <Dane> Did it stop midway
11:17 PM <DMSentra> "this program might not have installed sorrectly"
11:17 PM <Dane> Install then reboot.

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Tyler Getting a nice record... to bad I broke it :)

7:54 AM <Kirru> Morning
2:35 AM <G20Tyler> LOL
2:35 AM <G20Tyler> i got a kill? <3
2:13 AM <trbobrk> oh.
2:12 AM <Dane> It's late old people sleep early
2:10 AM <trbobrk> kyle here?
2:10 AM <trbobrk> hola
2:08 AM <Lou831> i wanna get a chatkill
1:47 AM <WeazG20> damn... i was trying to wait for two hours
1:41 AM <Dane> Certified one hour kill
12:35 AM <G20Tyler> poop
12:33 AM <G20Tyler> big poop

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9:42 AM <JDM_Ej> Nice kill
9:42 AM <JDM_Ej> Wow
9:33 AM <DMSentra> morning
2:48 AM <DMSentra> gnite
2:44 AM <DMSentra> I don't get why mj posted it, deleted it, then david posted it?

Best Kill to date?
Not because of the duration, but because the man who killed it also brought it back.
Props go to loren for that one :cheers:
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