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here's a longshot. i know this is an import forum so most of you guys would be looking for metric tools. but anyways...

so i'm finally growing up a little more and finally have my own garage. i'm looking to update and expand my tools. i was going to buy bits and pieces every other week to spread out the cost of all the extra doo-dads, but in the end i think buying a gigundo-kit is the best way. however, those gigundo-kits will duplicate most of my "core" hand tools, including the basic wrenches, sockets, pliers, and drivers.

so, i'm trying to get a feeler of how much i can get for my basic hand tools. there is nothing wrong with these tools - basically they were with me since day one when i started accumulating tools, and have worked on the nova and several other cars, engines, etc. in the past 5 years i've had them. these tools are ready to work.

if you're looking for a complete kit to get you started or just need a spare set of tools, this is probably the deal you need.

no, they're not super big brand names except for the craftsman wrenches, but i will tell you that i'm picky and skeptical about ching-chong, made-under-the-mango-tree tools. what i'm selling aren't flimsy, just the better half of the chinese tools. they're not featherweight like those $3 socket sets, but do have heavier material in them and won't break when you're trying to remove a stuck nut or bolt. some are brand name, and will be listed as such. a lot of the socket stuff and one wrench set is great neck (chinky but goody). i would compare them in feel and weight near or at the stanley stuff i see. i also clean my tools regularly, so rest assured i'm not sending you 5 pounds of grime and rust with the set, lol.

here we go!

1/4" drive
- great neck 9 piece 3/6" to 1/2" short sockets, 6 point
- great neck 7 piece 1/4" to 1/2" deep sockets, 6 point
- 1/4" to 3/8" socket adapter
- 2" and 4" extension
- 1/4" drive ratchet
- 1/4" flex joint

3/8" drive
- great neck 11 piece 1/4" to 7/8" short sockets, 6 point
- great neck 11 piece 1/4" to 7/8" deep sockets, 6 point
- great neck 3/8" flex joint
- great neck 1" and 6" extensions
- KD Tools 7/16" crow foot for header bolts
- a few misc 3/8" drive adapters to 1/4" and to 1/2"
- spark plug socket, SAE
- stanley 3/8" ratchet wrench
- great neck ergonomic 3/8" ratchet wrench

1/2" drive
- 18" breaker bar
- 1/2" to 3/8" socket adapter

other drive tools
- nut drivers, 7 piece 3/16" to 1/2"
- hex keys, 12 piece 3/64" to 5/16"

- great neck 10 piece 5/16" to 7/8"
- 13 piece 1/4" to 1"
- 6" adjustable wrench

- stanley 3 piece slot screwdrivers
- stanley 3 piece philips screwdrivers

- 1 vise grip style, 6"
- 2 side cutters, 8"

- manual 6" calipers for rough measuring

- Craftsman 26 piece wrench set - 99% new.
- 1/4" to 1-1/8" combination wrenches
- 10 piece ignition wrench set

- 6 drawer rolling tool chest
top bin - holds all the sockets
3 shallow 1 deep drawer in the chest- enough to hold everything
2 medium depth drawers in cabinet, plus bulk storage area
new casters, and mounted on 2x4s instead of the dorky casters it came with.
has domestic perf. parts stickers for increased tool life and power!
compund action drawer slides

I will not seperate my tools, this comes only as a complete set.
*Hand tools - $99
*Craftsman wrenches 99% new, 26 pc. - $44 (for 3 complete sets total with other hand tools)
*Rolling tool chest- $44
*Everything: $174, and will include some socket rails and line the drawers of the tool chest for use.

Shipping info:
i honestly can't imagine shipping this stuff. i could probably get away with it if i pack everything in the tool chest. of course, the thing will be damn heavy. I'd rather you pick it up in Lawrenceville, GA, 30045, or will drive up to an hour to meet someone.

Like I said again, this is a pretty complete tool set. If you added a torque wrench, and a few more pliers, you'll basically have what I've been relying on for 5 years. I think the asking prices are pretty fair, too. Anything less and I might as well keep them as my spare set. I'm putting this on the forums I go to first, then I'll jack up the prices when I hit Craigslist and make my "omgwtfbbq [email protected]@k! [email protected]@Ls!" ebay listing. :cheeky:

Here are some old pics, but it's essentially the same right now. Not all the tools in the drawers are included, but does show the cabinet and gives you an idea of what I have.


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sorry i haven't updated the thread guys... i should've done better. i've delayed the sale a couple of weeks until the new tools come in, and i have a line of 1 through 5 who are willing to wait a couple weeks when i'm ready to let go of them. thanks for the replies!
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