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Looking to GO VE+T or W11 Avenir

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Hey guys,

Been a little while since i posted on here. I am looking on going turbo either boost my VE 80k miles or W11 Avenir motor. So far I have VE installed in my P10 and have a W11 Avenir i just bought in my garage. I just ordered my GT2860RS "Disco potato" wastegate and fwd actuator and have 3 inch DP so far. I NEED parts guys. Please let me know what setup i should go with. Just trying to stay between (315-380 WHP).

Parts needed if anyone has for SELL:

N62 Maf
550 CC injectors or 750 CC (best recommended)
Fuel rail & Connectors
Turbo piping & intercooler
LSD tranny (what you recommend b14 or P11)

Will post pics of car soon!!!
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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