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Loopole2's G20t


2001 Infiniti g20t
2.0 SR20DE
180k 2/7/13

Most Recent:

Got this from a friend who's a dealer. Bought at 148k Miles. Its my daily driver, first car, only car. It's from the north so rust will be a problem in some places.
This is my daily driver so I cant quite make it a race car.... Even tho sometimes she likes to be driven like one :evil:

From the start:

1st: HID kit

2nd: De-badged. Left G20t

3rd: JDM Xenon Duals!!
What a fun install. Pretty easy after reading the threads on here.

4th: Painted grill to match duals. -AMAZING-

5th: Projector retrofit. 3" E55's
How I did mine:
Also check out Ericdd's website for idea's on how to do yours!
Post #10

6th: Fixed fogs, and I guess on the '01 you don't have to do a fog rewire for them to all come on.... Interesting.
(Reserved for pic)

7th: Throttle cable tuck.

8th: Broke flex pipe, replaced with ebay headers!

9th: Dropped with Tein s-tech's on GR2's. Removed splash guards.

10th: Cleared amber from tail lights and sidemarkers. Replaced bad maf to fix PO171. Painted calipers.

11th: Magnaflow universal and high flow cat installed. Sounds great!

12th: Interior headliner refelted with black, and pillars painted black.

13th: SSL 1200Watt 4 channel amp to stock speakers.

14th: WW Lip

15th: New Wheelz


-Not yet
-All done

W11 motor
VE Head
S4 cams
740cc injs
300zx MAF

Hood stuts
Throttle cable tuck
Radiator cover
Turbo accessories...

Purchased car w/ GR2's
Stillen tower bars
Coils or aibags...

5Zigen Imperios on 215/45/17's
Drag DR-27 7x15 +0 with Falken 612 195/60/15

Hmmm...brembo's fo sho :)
Slotted/Drilled rotors

Repair: Flex pipe
Ebay header
3" Turbo back
Replace bad cat
Magnaflow universal

Shift boot and nismo knob
Black headliner and accessories
White LED's inside

JDM Xenon Duals
6000k Lo-beam
6000k Hi-beam
Solder diode to have Lo-beam on with Hi-beam
Projector retrofit
Figure out wtf is up with my fogs: Looks like I need a relay. (Done, yep it needed a relay and a fuse, thanks Mr. Knoblock!)
Window tinting
Impul 212sr bumper
Custom grill
Sport grill

Sound System:
SSL 1200 Watt 4 channel amp
Upgraded speakers...
Google nexus 7 tablet/removable headunit
Sony XAV-701HD double din touchscreen HU
Lanzar opti 2 channel
2 - Kicker L3's in ported box

My Fav's:

Moar to come!!!

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Every P11 should have left the factory with duals.
Nice job.
Agreed!! Now we gotta pay like 300 bucks to get em.

sick and welcome, custom grill would be sick
Thanks ya'll, and I do wanna do a custom grill, just havnt seen many ideas or thought about it too much

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GGood shit mang
I want to get duals but my headlights are so clean im keeping them
I like what ur doing
dudes get a CAI not a WAI.

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Looks fresh :)

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What did u paint it with? The grill

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nice retrofit I wanna do something like that with my stock headlights dont wanna mess with my good original xenon duals
Thanks man!
Thats prolly the way to go, since I've already cut mine up I think I'm gonna add 1 more on each side... I might just retro my old OEM's and sell them too!

I loVE AR2
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your welcome, yeah I think you should retrofit the hi's as well that would look cool and im sure someone would want to buy a retro fitted stock headlights

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So my next/soon to come mods:
Tein springs - Waiting til friday
Loko tophats - Need money
Derlin bushings - Need money
Slotted drilled rotors - Need money
Paint calipers - Bought
Wheels - Bought
New shoes for teh wheels - A ways away :(

Plan is to run oem wheels, collect my parts to lower.
Drop it on oem's, do my brakes.
Save up for tires, then tie it all together with teh wheels.
Cant stop thinking about it, had to post about it.

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I would have left the duals as is, they look better that way. But that is only my opinion. For the rest: sweet, and keep the mods coming !
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