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lower O2 sensor replacement 2000 G20T auto

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Hi all, I have a 2000 G20T with a check engine light on, it was diagnosed that I need a new 02 sensor, the lower bottom one. Anyone know which infiniti dealer I can get the part for a better price?

Or does anyone know if I can just order the part from a Nissan dealer from a 2000 Sentra SE and it would be the same?

Any know a part number that would work for it from nissan? Or even an aftermarket one that would work? Thanks in advance.
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i replaced mine with one i bought on amazon. i think i got a Bosch brand, it was a blue box with red writing. no issues with it. just make sure you get the right one. sentra parts should work as long as it is for a 2.0 sentra with an sr20 engine.
how much was that bosch part and was it just plug in play with no wire splicing? it just plugged right in? can you send me the part number if you still had it? and do you have a 2000 g20?
yes i have a 2000 g20. i dont know part number but i can look at purchase history. it was 100% plug and play.
i found this one in my ebay purchase history but i think this is the sensor on the manifold. NGK / NTK 24527 Wideband Oxygen Sensor. i cant find the other so it may have been from advance auto and purchased in store locally.
no you didn't get the lower one from amazon? anybody else had to replace their lower one?
I have one, used oem. Message me. Good condition
I am leary about getting a used one as it can fail on me and I am out what I paid for it. There is no way to tell if a used one is good or not.
Anyone know what the lower 02 sensor is called?
The used sensor that I have was data streamed and monitored using consult 2. It's good.
Dude rock auto. 61 bucks for the bosch. Oem replacement. Just bought one
hey do you have a part number from rock auto? and what year is your G20? and did you get the lower sensor? thanks for info
Bought both my O2 sensors online from advance auto parts for around 95.00 after discounts. Brand is Denso. direct fit. Changed both mine as part of my 100,000 mile tuneup. It also got rid of my knock sensor code. The Sensor thread was seized in the catalytic converter so I had a shop replace it for me.
Denso is good also. But I just wanted to go with what the car came with
I bought a Bosch from Rock auto, $62, installed it, and used a code reader I bought from Costco a while ago, and it worked great, no CEL anymore, but I haven't drove the car much so we'll see. the lower sensor was a little hard to get off, I had to cut the wires to get my wrench to fit around it. Luckily it came off!

Man, the option of buying from rock auto instead of going to the infiniti dealer is night and day, the dealer wanted over $200 for the lower 02 sensor!!! F that!
for anyone looking for the right bosh part numbers, here they are (courtesy of bosch vehicle part finder website:

Only got the P11 listings sorry, someone else with a P10 can post for those cars.

13630 - Oxygen Sensor, Upstream - To 12/2000

15340 - Oxygen Sensor, Upstream - From 01/2001

13675 - Oxygen Sensor, Downstream - From 01/2001

15437 - Oxygen Sensor, Downstream - To 12/2000

15727 - Universal Oxygen Sensor, Upstream - From 01/2001

15735 - Universal Oxygen Sensor, Upstream - To 12/2000

15727 - Universal Oxygen Sensor, Downstream - No year reference so just don't buy it hehe

Final note: look at the sticker on your driver's side door jamb to ascertain your model year before ordering.
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