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Lowport + Goodies + P11 Visors

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Pictures below.
First off I got a set of minty P11 Sun Visors with working mirror lights if anyone needs them. Shoot me an offer.

Obviously some of these things below are B14 specific so I just listed them cause I didnt feel like cut them out of the pictures...

Lowport TPS - $40
-Throttle Body - $30
-Dizzy - $50
(B14)OEM PS Hose - SOLD
Longer inside door frame rubber molding, both sides excellent condition - $30
Rubber molding that runs up along door frame/wind shield excellent - +$10
Altima (or B15) Sunroof Motor - $80
Brown Sun Visors - SOLD
Gray Sun Visors - SOLD
Air Bag - $30
SR20 Maf - $30
*Mod* Volvo Hydrolic Hood Props - $25 (One pair left)
Gauge Cluster w/ 105,545 on the clock. *Mileage might be different though if i decided to swap it with my current one* [This is currently on Hold till i can get it back out on a nice day]
Fog Lights w/Brackets - SOLD
Turn Signal Stock w/fog - $20
'95 Drivers Window Controls - SOLD
*Mod* Coin/Cup holder din - $30 (Currently Out But Taking Order)
*Mod* Lighted Rear View Mirrors, 2 LEFT - $25
Power Steering Res w/ Bracket - SOLD
Side view mirror controls/trim - Free
Center Console Bezel - Free
Steering wheel trim - Free
Din pocket - SOLD

OEM Stock Exhaust Manifold - Trashed
Still have Heat Shield though
B14 Right Front Mud Flap - SOLD

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is that nissan airbag for the steering wheel for g20s?
Bump, prob going to toss out the OEM exhaust mani if no one needs it? Someone get these P11 visors, i dont even have a P11 lol
Are the hood props a bolt-on affair?
Are the hood props a bolt-on affair?
Well each end just slides over a stud, so you may have to drill somewhere into the hood frame baffle a bolt/stud (or by some other method attached a stud top and bottom) for the prop to slide on to (prop for each side) and thats it. Pretty straight forward once you figure out where and what to use for the studs. I just suggested some type of nut whos head would fit into the prop ends, but anything should work, long as its big enough to squeeze in.

Beats messing with the dumb kick stand
Giving away the P11 Sun Visors free, going to the garbage prob next Thursday if no one wants em
IAVC sold, got in more hood struts for those would wana dump the kick stand
How much shipp for hood struts 01151,there complete with brackets?
How much shipp for hood struts 01151,there complete with brackets?
PM coming your way.
bump for the P11 sun visors
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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