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You can probably still get OEM nissan transmission mounts from That, or you can certainly get an aftermarket mount from
I bought and paid for mounts from both those companies, InfinitiPartsDeal will show in-stock but cancel your order a few days later, and Rock Auto will send you the wrong mount (in my case, an AT mount 4 separate times). - Same story with LSD MT axels.
Dose anyone have a manual transmission mount would appreciate it thanks
I searched high and low, new and used, US and overseas parts dealers and recyclers daily for the greater part of 9 months in 2022 and couldn't find one single M/T mount for an 02 P11 manual swap I did. I cross referenced Nissan part numbers in FAST for other models, bought many and none were right. I have a box of used mounts from various cars.

You can try facebook, there were a couple people I had contacted that supposedly rebuild 'em, but I've yet to find any actually "for sale" and the people are flakey as hell in this scene, as soon as you bring money they disappear, weird.

Ended up having to buy and entire Circuit Sports urethane set that a company called JGY was able to order. Last resort would've been cutting the bracket off an AT mount and welding a fab'd mild steel bracket to it. If your not up to welding, take both to a metal shop and have them do it, in my case I didnt have one to reference.
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