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V3.0 VE-T
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So what am i doing this time eh ;)? Projekt: VE-T of course! I will not be boosting a VE block because im not too secure about the weak bottom end, high compression, and the 4cw crank. So i will be using a avenir block with a VE head. SO yups, another frankenstein motor! It also doesn't help that i scored a avenir W10 motor with everything attached for only $900!! :naughty: So the results of this motor? Stronger bottom end, 8 cw crank, oil cooler, and oil squirters. I will be running a W10 T25 for now untill i can get my funds rdy for something a little bigger ;)

V1.0 - Auto P10

V2.0 - 5-Sped VE 194.5hp/144tq

What sucks is that i dynoed 194hp, but found a exhaust leak on my DP.... Im sure that was worth something... :confused:

V3.0 - VE-T ;)

Day 1

VE-T Hybrid. W10 bottom end + VE head
w10 turbo + stock wastegate @ 9psi
Custom IC piping. 2'' hot side, 2.25'' cold
370 injectors @ 4 bar
2.5'' VRS downpipe
2.5'' VRS cat back + Magnaflow resonator/muffler
stock sr20ve cams @ 5000k activation untill dyno tuned
9 lbs Fidanza flywheel
6-puck Clutchnet clutch (spung)
4 pc UR pulleys
2.5'' resonated testpipe
Walbro 190 fuel pump

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the mad scientist at work. i might have to make the 2 hour drive to conduct some ninja recon. :bandit:

LMK if you need a long haired babe to sit shotgun, and grip the hell out of the "oh shit" handle. :scream:

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see more? did I miss something?
have you seen anything in this thread yet?

djchris said:
I swapped out my 1999 G20Tengine for an engine from a sentra like 7 months ago and it runns fine.same sr20de just have parts in different places.
since this is only your 2nd post, alot of ppl probably will let this slide but fyi there is an edit button at the bottom of the post that will allow you to rewrite your submission. hopefully you will use this tool to resubmit your post as something that is actually relevant to the thread topic....
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