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We are going to figure this shit out...more to come.
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there are several versions but basically the shift_fast mod is hooking up switch to be able to shift the transmission from 1st to 2nd to 3rd gears (4th) we will start off just like the maxima guys...a few of us try it and see what we come up with. The clutch_on mod is a switch to lock the TQ converter at anytime you want. Not too low or you bog out. Like locking the TQ converter at the end of every gear. I don't want to build it all msd window switches right off the bat. I want to just prove the concept on auto g20 just like the maxima guys had to do. I'm fairly certain anything they have done we can also do.
I have done the WOT drop resistor mod that they do and it works. everyone on was trying to stack resistors but a N/c switch on the throttlebody works perfect to push the transmission up to full line hit WOT and it goes from around 90% line pressure to 100%. it does make a difference. As i'm sure a shiftfast2 would also work like a charm.
we could have 8 gears with locking the tq converter and droping rpm and reving out that gear faster.

SHIFT_Fast version 1

SHIFT_Fast 2 (msd controlled)
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My tranny is stuck in 3rd, I wonder if I could do this to take it out of safe mode
the shifts are just simple code for the selenoids. A on 1st.. B on second. A and B off 3rd. A and B on 4th. so if you're stuck in 3rd ten both are registering as OFF.
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