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merlot 5sport in OH on Craigslist

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it was PA inspected so it probably isnt too rusty. aftermarket rims and fading paint but otherwise half decent condition.
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I went out to Ohio and test drove that car last week. I was excited to see it since it spent its first 100k miles in the west coast. I was a bit disappointed after seeing it in person. It was hit in the front drivers corner and must have ruptured the battery since there was a decent amount of corrosion in that area along with a tweaked frame rail. The motor mounts are shot, it needs paint on both bumpers, hood, drivers fender and drivers door. The interior is a little dirty and smells like they dumped a gallon of air freshener in it. The blower motor didn't work and the a/c compressor wouldn't engage. The passengers side skirt is broken. The engine and transmission both felt great but the suspension felt worn. It has a decent set of newer snow tires. They are a "no haggle" dealer and wouldn't go lower than $3000 after discounting for the blower motor and adding their fees. The car needs at least $1000 in work to be presentable. I offered them $2000 cash and they declined. For $4000 I can buy a nice one from the sun belt so I passed on this one.
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^^good to know. i wont waste my time driving an extra few miles next time i visit my parents. girard is right acroos the border from where they live. im not in the market but i love car shopping.
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