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MIL status still unavailable after replacing rear o2

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I had a P0138, replaced the sensor with a factory part, have been driven hundreds of miles and car will still not read the new o2.
I have tried some drive cycles I've seen but non seem to work. I'm due to smog my car so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Lets get a few more details from you, do you have a header? Catback stock or aftermarket? Was the rear O2 moved to a new bung location? Have you checked for signal at the plug? Have you ohm'd out the O2 sensor? (I know you said it was new but shit happens sometimes)
Is P0138 the only cel you are getting?
Car is completely stock. Was getting P0138, however no codes thrown since replacing, but it says not available now.
I have not checked the checked the signal at the plug or "ohm'd" it out as i'm not quite sure how to do so.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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