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Suzie Kl0ne
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so my old thread was shitty and i wasn't really updating it at all. Now its time to re-release Khloe to the world. ill be posting pics and a keeping this thread updated

she is a 2002 Infiniti g20 sport a/t (now 5spd)

- AEM cold air intake
- SSAC headers
- NGK iridium spark plugs with wires
- 01 nissan sentra rr valve cover pc'd salmon pink
- b13 all aluminum koyo rad (53mm i think)
- two 12 inch mishmoto electric fans
- relocated coolent overflow tank (driver side fender)
- key value clutch
- 01 lsd trans
- JDM xenon duals
- UKDM euro tails
- TEv front bumper
- TEv rear bumper
- JDM kidney hood
- TEv grills
- JDM power folding mirrors with blue glass
- JDM sport cloth interior
- Stillen front tower bar (not installed yet)
- Stillen rear sway bar
- 6k hid fogs
- JDM bumper pole
- led licsnse plate blub
- UNISA 5-lug rear spacer
- UNISA rearward lca mount
- ES Frontward lca bushing
- ES sway bar bushing
- ES end link bushing
- ES shifter bushing
- ES rack bushing
- DMsentra trans motor mount and cross member motor mounts
- maxi 5lug hubs
- Z33 (350z) calipers and rotors
- Rear maxi bracket with rotors
- Infiniti G37 sport wheels (18 x 8.5 all around)
- accelrea tires 215 35 18
- BC racing coilovers
- SWIFT springs 14/12
- pathfinder double din 6disc stereo
- Nismo shifter
- JDM shift surround
- Nissan Sport Horns
- Relocated battery to trunk

Pic credit to code

bunch of stuff still to install. its a big year for for her
leave the love or the hate

Suzie Kl0ne
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Very nice.
Thank you sir

I like, where did you get a custom front plate like that? pretty cool. what size are the wheels in the first pics, just for a reference?
I got it from a site called german or something. They are g35 sedan wheels 17x7 +45

She sexayy
She misses you

I like this!
She likes you too

love it and huge difference since first time I saw it at WCM. Im jealous of that bumper pole been looking for one lately specially since Im getting my bumper repainted.
Thanks louyball. You make my bumper pole erect

KhLOe can get it.
She's no contest winner yet

Louie I have a bumper pole I don't think I'm going to use. It's a P11 unit PM me.
Do you have the switch ?

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Suzie Kl0ne
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Repost... bout time you keep all the good pictures cody takes in one place.
you're telling me. this thread is goona be a slut for codes pics

bookmarked. definitely a sweet ride.
thank you sir, hope to keep this thread updated from now on

i would have an affair with her
shes an expensive girl be careful... :naughty:

oh hello mrs. lady.
she's been on a year long make over. now she anit playin games


Suzie Kl0ne
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installed new nissan sport horns. just need to mount them better and position them correctly


Suzie Kl0ne
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this is whats next

lol my sig explains khloe's personality perfectly. if she was a human, thats what she would look like

Suzie Kl0ne
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nice. hey what radiator is that?
Its for a sentra. There is a thread on here called "drop in rad" search and you'll find it

Where did you get these from?
From the Nissan dealership

tooot toooot
Bro, we know you've jelly of my horns

niiice, let us know how the swifts feel, and if it is suchhh a big diff like everyone says.

Swift springs feel great. Super comfortable but still super stiff. Not bouncy that I expected so that's good news. Best of both worlds

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how did you get out from the car when parking it there.
nascar style


this thing is bagged?
nope. static

why you not post pics here that you show us on whatapp..

she looks very sexy in her new current state!!
we need a 02 kl0 shoot soon!!!!!
meh gnet isnt ready yet
thanks aj.
shell be on here soon!

Suzie Kl0ne
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finally got around to putting in a new trans, upgrade to a lsd o2. its a huge difference andd im really happy. thanks to all of those who helped. kyle, greg, javi, cesar, code and a few others. shes back on the road to fight another daay


Suzie Kl0ne
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Awesome. Love this car.
she loves you too

She looks fabulousoooooo

I thought it was white for a second cause that one pic head on. But the last one you posted is definitely boner jams worthy
what is boner jams worthy?

Made my wife's eyebrows go up. Proof of good doings. I told her it's reasons like this, (your car) are why I think p11's look better than bmw's

Me really like.
oh yea?

my sister was impressed with this as well, and said it looks like a BMW, in a good way.
bmw? ill take that as a compliment
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