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Welcome to my KR4 5port Progress Thread

November 2009 Member Of The Month


This is an index of mods in chronological order.
Click on the post number to be taken directly to that part of the thread.

Post 023 - Ditched The Mud Flaps
Post 025 - Stereo
Post 026 - Optima Yellow Top
Post 027 - Cusco Front Strut Bar
Post 029 - Progress Rear Anti-Sway Bar
Post 034 - Octotat Rear Strut Bar
Post 036 - Sokie Tech Gas Hood Damper Kit
Post 041 - Mautai's Grounding Kit
Post 051 - Low Profile License Plate Frame
Post 055 - Remus Sport Label Exhaust
Post 062 - Relocated Amps
Post 067 - Nismo 17" x 7.5" with Falken FK-452
Post 070 - Fixed Door Rattle
Post 090 - AGX, Tein, Koni, EPSentra Mounts
Post 094 - Hood Dampers
Post 110 - Sported Corners
Post 112 - Photo Shoot
Post 141 - VE Install Begins
Post 225 - VE Install Completed
Post 247 - G20S Badge + All Season Mats
Post 280 - Optima Black Top Battery (Custom) + Radiator Supports
Post 287 - Dyno
Post 303 - Dyno Charts
Post 331 - Powder Coated Cuscu Bar Red
Post 355 - Painted Dash Trim Grey
Post 336 - Made Custom USB Adapter For ECU
Post 374 - Installed USB Adapter For ECU
Post 375 - Installed Cruise Control
Post 377 - Added Grip For Greddy MSS
Post 414 - B15 Brembo Upgrade w/ Braided SS Lines
Post 461 - SCE Copper Gasket
Post 462 - Custom 4GA Mautai's Grounding Kit
Post 465 - E60 MAF
Post 486 - Z32 Weighted Leather Shift Knob
Post 514 - Custom Plates (SRG20VE)
Post 519 - Cleared Tails with Ambers
Post 520 - 3" CAT
Post 524 - Installed ASP Header
Post 541 - 3" Exhaust Installed
Post 638 - TRE Performance Fuel Pump
Post 644 - Rear Middle Seat Belt Delete
Post 645 - Stealthed Radiator Overflow Tank
Post 646 - Marshal 0-100 PSI Inline Fuel Pressure Gauge
Post 655 - Dynomax VT 3" Muffler
Post 661 - Painted Dynomax VT "Remus Style"
Post 662 - Dynomax VT Installed
Post 670 - "P10, Slower than a P11"
Post 678 - Dynomax VT Video Review
Post 691 - Fast Toys 4" Slash Cut T304 Exhaust Tips Installed
Post 703 - Buddha's Custom Aluminum Radiator Cover
Post 706 - R/T Sub Enclosure
Post 707 - Big Three Upgrade
Post 734 - Custom Cold Air Intake
Post 766 - Fujitsubo Header Installed
Post 777 - Varex Muffler Installed
Post 783 - AC Hose Cover
Post 821 - Nismo A-FPR
Post 835 - Loco Performance Skid Plate
Post 860 - Sport Garage Chair
Post 872 - Nitto NeoGen 215/45ZR17 91W
Post 884 - Dankel Garage Custom Shift Surround



Waiting Installation:

Need To Do:
  • Figure out consult
  • Clear SES light (Code P0137)


Thank You:

AirAid (for making an überkewl DIY intake kit)
Alex [mav1178] (Fujitsubo Super Ex Header) (USB Cover)
Brad @ Never Enough Auto (Progress Rear Anti-Sway Bar)
Bro Muffler in HB
Cables On Demand by Amphenol (USB Cable Male-A/A)
Calum (Real Time ECU)
Cesar (Organizing all the meet ups)
Charles @ ASP (Header & CAT)
Chuck (Octobar)
Cryss (The first forum member I ever met up with and much inspiration)
Curtis (For putting up with me when I ignore him)
Dan (Carbing LCA)
Denis [Helladank] (My wrenching buddy & resident time killer)
Dupli-Color (For All My Primer, Painting, And Coating Needs)
eBay (SSAC 2.5", Hood Dampers, 3" Remus Fo' Cheap, etc.)
Embee Performance Coating (Powder Coating Strut Bar & Thermal Coating Fujitsubo Header)
Fast Toys Performance (Exhaust Tip)
FR Sport (Greddy MSS, Marshal 0-100 PSI Inline Fuel Pressure Gauge)
Gino (My local VE buddy, where you been lately?)
Greg @ GSpec (Cam Gears, BC S/R, Pulleys, SR20VE, Swap, coming to my rescue on the freeway, etc...)
Jon [cavern] (Fixing this threads title, plus everything else)
Jose @ Advanced Car Creations (Stereo & Optima Battery)
Justin @ Everything G20 (FSTB, Pop Charger, Teins, N1 VC, Mats, Brembos, and too many other things to list...)
Kyle (Late night chattin')
Logan & TouchStone 3D (Aluminum Radiator Cover)
Loren (EPSentra Upper Mounts & Skid Plate)
Mac (For Dyno Tuning)
Mandrel Exhaust Systems (Great quality and cheap prices)
Martin (Mautai Grounding Kit)
Matt @ Remus Exhaust Shop (The best exhausts ever)
Nick (Much inspiration)
[email protected] (Short Shifter)
Planet Magnaflow (Best prices for sure)
Preston (Inspiration & Support)
Riverside Infiniti (S)
Sam @ Summerland Auto Sports aka (AGXs)
S&B Filters (Great Intake Filters)
Sean @ Outlaw Engineering (VE Intake Spacers)
Serban @ GoFastDepot (Koni Bump Stops)
SpeedPartsForLess (Fidanza Flywheel)
sr20venosfreak (N1 Cams)
Steve @ Bro Muffler (3" Exhaust Welding)
The Nismo Shop, West Covina (Nismo Wheels, Rad Cap, Oil Cap, etc.)
Tio Dave & Tia Stacey (Sported Corners and much hospitality)
Tony @ Alt Z (Maintenance, Great Mechanic)
TunerPro RT (ECU Tuning Software)

I'm sure I missed some people.
I'll add more as I remember...

Original Post:
Just joined the site.
Thought I'd give a glimpse at what I'm sitting on:

Here's some specs:
Year: 2002
Make: Infiniti
Model: G20
Mileage: 20,000
Purchased for: $10,700
Packages: Sport package, fully loaded (less heated seats/mirrors)
Flaws: little scratches here and there, bad marks on mud flap (from poor parallel parking?), rip on side of driver seat (vinyl)
Notes: completely stock... for now

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Yes! another one for the Socal G's! Now gimme your rims :) jk haha

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Welcome! Another fellow OC G20 Sport owner. I love that color and very low miles. BTW 5spd or Auto?

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holy mother! nice deal! 10k for a 20thousand mile car!! over eastcoast 99's and 00's with 80k+ miles are going for that much.. a 02, forget bout it, those are well over $10,000 round here..

nice find! sweet looking ride!

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Blue, oops... forgot to mention it's a 5 speed.
I don't think to mention that because I would never by an automatic (personal prefernce).

Cesarin_se-r, the car was listen on Craig's List.

I've owned a couple Classic SE-Rs (93 and a 94).
I'm an SR20 lover :)

akuma810, you can get replicas here .

"says here on your chart"
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I just bought a 2002 sport with a rip on the drivers side vinyl also, must be cheap material.....anyways, i took it to a local auto uphohlstry shop and the replaced the entire panel with new vinyl for $150 and it only took them about 4 hours. If there is anyone in AZ that needs interior or top work done, i suggest checking out the Top Shop on 16th street and Indian School.

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KristByrne said:
Cesarin_se-r, the car was listen on Craig's List.

I've owned a couple Classic SE-Rs (93 and a 94).
I'm a SR20DE lover :)
Yeah, I saw a 02 with low, low miles for around 10k on autotrader, & I thought it was that one, hehe.

I too owned 2 Classics before, both 91's & im on a serch for a 3rd Classic SE-R...:thumbsup:

I noticed Jay mention our mini meet for this saturday, heres the link...

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Going to the mini-meet would be cool but I have to work on Saturday :(
I'm not sure exactly how you guys plan these meets but I know a sweet spot next to Angel's Stadium for meets.
I had a friend who went there to meet Audi/VW peeps.
I think some Honda/Acura people would meet there too sometimes.
It's a parking structure just north of the stadium.
They would meet on the top level, nice view.
Here's a picture I snapped with Google Map hybrid:


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Best deal on this site! 20,000 miles ONLY??? Awesome! Looks great
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