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Where's your rust?
I do have some small rust forming on top of the windshield. And some under the radiator support. Which is another reason which I don't know if I should spend the time and money to build.

She's a beauty. How many miles on her? I'd say build.
I'm @ 156k. I've been driving this on and off so the miles haven't gone crazy. Think I've put like 10k miles in the last 2 years.

Think the plan is going to restore it for now. Needs wheel bearings, motor mounts, and radiator is leaking.. plastic end tanks. Sunroof isn't working and definitely need to do fluids and a tune up. Going to need to do suspension and brakes last. If I can find sentra brembos I will use those but I have some z32 calipers I used on a b15 so might just use that.
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