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my outter taillights work but my inners don't

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can someone help me figure this there a separate fuse for the inners???
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search you damn newbie!
search you damn newbie!
lmao!!!! I know better....jus being lazy lol
You can check the trunk harness for crimped or cut wires.
I had the same problem and dimantled the trunk harness and found wires cut in 5 places. Attached them all back and now my reverse, licence plate and inner tail lights work.

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Thanks everyone for tha help I will check the trunk harness
The sad thing is the way it is designed it looks like they spent a long time trying to figure out how to not make them break.
just curious where does the trunk harness go ... I have a similar problem my spoiler brake LED lamp and the reverse lights don't work but the outer brake lights work fine...
You can see it. Runs up the pass (right) side of the trunk where the hinge and hydraulic lift are.
I have a 1999 model P11 ... if I don't want to solder the wires back together what is the correct part number to fix it ? I see there are 2 harness:


Anyone know which one is the right one ?
Why spend all that money on a new harness?
That's a 10 minute fix at most, after you find the issue. Cut the wire(s) at the bad spot, slide shrink wrap on, strip the wire ends, solder them, slide the shrink over and heat it, bend the other wires to take up the now extra lenght, wrap all the wires in that part of the harness a bit, stick it all back in the sheath and you're done.
My harness was broken in multiple areas and I eventually got tired of patching it and just ordered a new one from Perry Infiniti. Working great since.
I still haven't got around to fixing mine lol!!!!
Also, check the the ground wires in the light bulb housings. It will cause that or the turn signals to work intermittently or brake/tail lamp issues. It's very common for them to be loose. I found that most of mine were loose. All you need to do is tighten then screws the ground wire attaches to.
Or check fuses, I think my rear lights were on 2 different fuses.
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