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Hey guys!
In the past few months I'm facing some troubles with my P10 1992.

But this one is getting critical...
When I brake more strongly in a down hill situation or flat road but not so fast or deaccelerate in both situations making the engine reduce its rpm more quickly, it starts to light up the signs in my gauge, after this the engine shuts off and as it an auto transmission I have to park it and once I switch on the key again, the car returns to work normally for a while.
The weird thing is if I have my AC on this issue doesn't happen, however I can see my RPM lower than it was supposed to be, almost trying to shut off the car.

Have someone faced something similar to this situation? I live in Brazil so this car is very uncommon. If there is parts from another cars that can be used to fix this it would be great (for instance pathfinder, maxima and other models)

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