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my p11 at the track gopro clip

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Circuit icar, Québec

got some lines wrong i know ;)
Nice, I wish there was sound though. I have 3 GoPros - I can imagine what happened to the sound there. :D
Thanks guys! Next time i'll put it inside. Yeah the det-ve has a nice sound.
By the way running 6.5 psi :)

heres the sound
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you should put one showing your cluster next time :square: so we can hear/see whats going on. Did you get lap times at all? looks and sounds good man.
that sounds clip is badass. you can almost here the birds singing along with the turbo spooling
Thanks guys! Its not a spooling soung but actually the wastegate dumping under the engine. 6.5 psi so it dumps alot(tuned on pump gas to [email protected])...cant really ckank the boost for now as the 225's cant take more abuse.

I got another vid inside (no cluster) but i'll need to reformat it. Will take some pictures of the new suspension setup for next season, i got some mods to do for next summer.

-mod 3rd link
-inverse rod ends (eliminates steer bump)
-Probably Cusco diff
-standard suspension coilovers 560/560
-fabricate a adj link for the rear beam (if i can get a spare rear beam cheap i'd like to mod it and make it camber/toe adjustable) the rear definitly needs camber on the track
-race intercooler
-costom solid motor mounts
-weight reduction/stripping for a cage (will see if the cage gets in for next summer not shure)
-rear maximas bracket and disks
-more ducting of the air
-most important... 245's all around with lightwight wheels

I'll keep posting pictures and vids here...
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