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N62, Pop Charger, Filters

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I have several items here for sale I will not be using

1) N62 MAF without pigtail. Missing one screen and as a scratch on one end. Unknown Mileage
Price: 60

2) Damaged Spectre Filter
Price: 12

3) Still Pop Charger
Price: 35

WIll do a deal for the entire lot $90 shipped
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What MAF is the pop charger for?
I think it may be the stock SR20 MAF
Bummer. Already have one of those, needed one for the black plastic MAFs (N60-N62, etc). Thanks!
You can always drill/tap it :)
can you take a pic of the n62 connector? any idea if an n60 plug will fit?
I think the N60 plug will fit, but do not quote me on that

The N62 connector plug pic it out there. Just google it :)


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