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Need help identifying my car.

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I am a 16 year old that recently just bought a 1994 g20, I've been doing some research on it. It says it has 276,000 miles, and it has a naturally aspirated red top SR20, from what i came up with this car shouldnt have a red top? Is it the original engine? Is the engine higher compression? The only similar car i could find is this-
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My guess, at 276,000 miles, is the motor probably has been swapped... or it's as simple as some red paint on your valve cover. Why don't you snap some pics of the engine bay.
I painted the valve cover red in my U13 Altima, could definitely just be a DIY thing.
MAYBE, there's a disco potato connected somewhere by that valve cover or below it and you just dont know it ;)
It doesnt have a turbo either.
The only thing going into the intake manifold is air from the intake, its clean all along. Ill get some pics when i can.
96j 10.1 compression is pretty rare since they're only meant for the UK market. Check for 96j stamped onto the head; otherwise, its just a painted vc or just a bluebird vc that got dropped in
The only codes I could find on the head was like a circle with a line through the middle with the number 19. Like this- (1|9) with the parenthesis being the circle.
Orry about the dirtiness, havent had a chance to do anything since i bought it.
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The red tip means type r!
No but it does have a either jdm are ukdm valve cover.
Their are lowport high compression 10/1 comp engines and they would have sodium filled exhaust valves and oil squirters for the pistons. It's possible you have one of them are someone changed the valve cover.

I think the high comp lowport did have egr on it already to

Stamps are usually on the camsprocket side of the head by the water neck.. sample pic is a rwd sr20
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Is there any other way to identify it? The head code is covered by the motor mount...
If i had to guess i would say that is a jdm engine swapped into the car. the reason i say that is that it appears to be a highport head with a lowport intake manifold. i might be missing it but i do not see an egr which is why i am assuming jdm sr20 and not a usdm replacement. usdm would have an egr. i really doubt its a diy valve cover paint since the plugwire valley is black and the nissan name vs the oem infiniti name.

this is a picture of my p10 with a jdm highport det before i removed the engine. mine is a highport with a highport intake mani. no egr present on my engine.
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It also has headers which I don't think are aftermarket, because the heat shield bolts to them.
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