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Spending a day taking apart car to fix long-suffering and annoying problem: :)
Discovering source of problem and fixing: :)
Not having extra screws after reassemling interior: :)
Having too few screws to finish reassembly: :confused:

Welp, long story long, I was taking apart my P10 yesterday to solve a problem. That little piece of plastic under the handbrake wouldn't stay down. Underneath it, there's two screw brackets, they're supposed to have wires running around the outside, but on one the wire was smashed underneath, pushing up the screw bracket, and prohibiting the handbrake plastic dealie from snapping into place. After removing almost all of my interior, I maneuvered the wire back where it's supposed to be.

Problem #1: The screw bracket has had the wire under it for years, and won't bend back down without the screw in it, but I don't have the screw for either screw hole. Would someone please take a pic or describe the screw that goes there so I can go buy one? I know it's a different size screw than the rest of the interior's put together with.

Problem #2: You know the other two screws that hold in the center console? They're on the side, right about next to the seatbelt thingy, so you have to move the seat all the way forward to get at them. I don't have those screws either. Are they the same ones as used in the rest of the interior? Thanks in advance for your help.

Note: I am not just a dummy who lost the screws. They weren't there when I bought the car, so my center console is kind of 'free floating' and that's bad.

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