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Need money sale

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Like the title says need money. Have some things laying around I don't need.
faster response text 503-575-6140

Front wheel bearing brand new sold

QT link Kidcaffeine had sold

p10/p11 cusco negative camber upper arms sold

sport head rests 75 shipped for all four

LSD transmission from my 02 sport. no pop outs. it was rattling when I had it in my car. Think it needs new bearings and seals. I was going to rebiult it and put it back in but I have different plans now. sold

TI-84 plus Silver edition barley used Sold
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I'll take the wheel bearing... new, never installed, right?
doh, never mind.. turns out we already have a spare.. great price for someone else though so bump for you!
text sent about the bearing and transmission.
transmission sold pending shipping
Cusco Arms, QT link wheel bearing sold.

head rests and an awesome wonderful calculator still available
Ivan is a awesome guy. Great seller. Thanks again for the deal
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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