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alright i'm a senior and now all of my friends and I are happy that we are graduating and we're planning a get together soon. All 4 of us drive 4 bangers and we decided to all go to Palmdale race tracks and race.
I have 2002 G20 Auto
Matt has a 2001 Celica Auto GT
Carlos has a 2002 RSX
Brian has a 2001 2dr Accord
i was wondering if i have a chance at winning based purely on performance and since i've lost my past 4 races i realized i'm probably not a good racer and i want to know exactly whats the best and fastest way t pump every hp out of my engine. Some people tell me to star on 1st gear go to second go to drive and then press od but i don't know so help me out if you can

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Find a racing school in your area. With a couple courses and some track experience with a good instructor you'll be able to whoop all of your friends with what you have now.
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