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NEW Black Momo GT Suede 350mm Steering wheel (including horn button and mounting hdwr

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So this is a genuine MOMO (not replica) Suede GT Steering wheel that is brand new and never used. It was 'test fit' but never actually used (so no greasy oil wear on the nice new suede).

The steering wheel horn button with surround trim piece and mounting bolts were all purchased at a different time but being included all as 1 package now.

Our setup is a quick release and we ended up using that hardware so whoever buys this has to buy their own hub adapter (which varies car-to-car anyway)

$225 cash pick up price (or plus shipping and paypal fees)

We ended up going with a non-suede steering wheel instead for our Spec Miata so selling this now.

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thanks. I was worried it would just get filthy with rain/mud/dirt in races so we went with non-suede instead for race purposes

I also just realized there were extra pieces available (stickers for the horn button) and connectors along with the proper tool for the attaching for the horn that will be included... shown here:

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Sold and shipping out today
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