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New front wheel bearing and hub; slight clicking

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I replaced the right front wheel bearing and hub on a 1996 P10 this weekend. Finally wrestled the knuckle/hub assembly onto the axle spline, LCA ball joint, and kingpin joint. I don't have everything tightened down yet, but when I turn the hub by hand (which turns the axle), I hear a very subtle clicking sound, and maybe even feel the ever so slightest detents to go along with the clicks. There are about 6-7 clicks per 1/4 turn of the hub. "Clicks" might be too strong a word. They're very subtle--kind of dead sounding. Gear teeth meshing maybe. Any idea what this might be? CV joints? Noises from automatic transaxle due to me turning the axle?

The hub spun smoothly before I put it on the car. I'm hoping someone can reassure me I didn't screw something up. This is the first wheel bearing I've done. I don't want to button everything up if I might have to redo something. Turning the left hub doesn't seem to have same effect (no clicking). The left hub might be a tad easier to turn. Thanks.
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Update. I think everything is fine. I put everything back together including the wheels. While it was still on jackstands, I tried rocking the wheel from 12-6 o'clock and 3-9 o'clock. No slop. I could still sense very slight clicking when spinning the wheel. I lowered the car on its wheels and drove away. I could hear nothing odd at all. Took cornering just fine. Drove into a few culdesacs and turned the wheel full right and full left. Again, no suspicious sounds.

I'm now wondering if the clicking I heard/felt was indeed gear meshing in the differential. I don't have limited slip, so when I spin one wheel by hand, the other spins in the opposite direction. I did try spinning the wheel while both in park and neutral and got the same clicking in both cases. It perplexes me why I can spin the wheel while in park. It may be that if I had a partner to spin the other wheel in the same direction while in park, then it would lock. I have verified that with both wheels on the ground, park does indeed prevent the car from rolling.

BTW, although I've been referring to this as clicking, I don't think this is a bad CV joint. I can't imagine getting 6-7 clicks in 1/4 turn of the wheel, and the "clicks/detents" are really subtle.

Just thought I'd let folks know the outcome in case anyone finds this info useful in the future.
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Usually the bearings make clicking noises if they are shattered or there is play. If you replaced your bearings, maybe it's the cv joints.
I had clicking. Replacing the axles fixed it.
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