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New g20 build

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Hey my name name is Amario and I’m new this forum and getting in to cars I’m growing a liking to the car world but I have a infinite g20T I blew a rod and I was wanting to do a engine swap and trans swap to manual and possibly making it rwd for my first dyi build may I please get any suggestions
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that's really ambitious for a "first" build. get a jdm long block and swap it in (engine + trans already assembled) and drive that for a bit. then decide about the transmission swap. swapping from auto to stick seems quite complicated and then you want to go RWD, I think you're asking for problems. the reason G20 rocks is because as stock, drives great for 4 cylinder banger. if gonna do that much work, why not redo mounts and go 6 cylinder from other car? or, just spend the money and get a different 6 cylinder car with rwd already?
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