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Hey, just got a 94 G20 yesterday...

117000 miles(!!!)
but this sucker has a lot of life left in it, good condition for it's age and a complete service record, most work done at the dealership..
new water pump, starter, clutch, gaskets, etc... zero oil leaks
not a bad find at all...

I had a few questions as well, that I'll just address in this post..
excuse my ignorance, I'm more familiar with Sentra SE-R's

1) I've got the low port engine, so I'm assuming I have the less agressive intake cam. Is this correct?

2) What is an intake w/sensor? I was on Stillen's site and they had one w/sensor and w/o

3) um... lost my thoughts, where is some good places to find parts? performance parts? I'm looking at springs/shocks, intake, header, rims/tires(tirerack?)
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