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New Member from Canada-Land

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Hello everyone, just wanted to introduce myself. Im from Ontario, Canada and just picked up a black on tan leather 2000 Infiniti G20 Touring. Looks to be in great shape, everything works great and it runs like a champ. I havnt yet picked it up from the dealer, should get it somethime this week.

I bought this as a second car to drive when my other one undergoes surgery, and as a winter car. I have very little experience or knowledge with this car except that the SR motors run strong for many miles but have done alot of work to my other car. Plan is to keep it stock (or stock-ish) but we'll see how long that lasts, looking forward to learning more about these cars. Anyways onto the pictures...

The Infiniti..

The other car.. 1996 Ford Probe GT, lots of work done to it so far. Plan is to have it boosted by next spring :naughty:

Thanks for reading.
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alright I'll say it. Drive the probe in the winter and boost the G.
Okay wow, I've never seen a Ford probe nicely done. i thought it was a weird 240 before I read the description ha. I like it.
Are the probes fwd or rwd? If fwd definitely boost the G instead like Rob said :).
Haha, I figured I'd get some comments of why not boost the G. The Probes are fwd just like the G, I wish they were rwd...

I've already started working on a second motor for the Probe so thats where the boost will go and the cars in immaculate condition. That and they haul ass with a little bit of boost lol, but maybe the G does too I've never looked into a boosted G20.

Anyways thanks for the compliments/comments!
the probe looks clean.. I used to like them back in the day. kinda looks like a mix between a 240sx and a supra.
Fords are import cars in Canada!
Ehhh aren't they built there? Lol or is that Chevy?
There are some Ford plants here in Canada.. or there used to be atleast. Maybe they all closed down.

@Slimlou, Im from Kitchener/Waterloo area. But the cars actually from Mississauga, should be picking it up from the dealer tomorrow or Thursday depending on when they get a part in for it.
Ford still operates their assembly plant here in Oakville.

Welcome to the Canuck G group!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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