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New p11 turbo owner and loving every second of it!!!

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Hey everyone I recently was able to get my hands on the p11 of my dreams!! I live in SC Wisco and have seen this car around when I would travel into Chicago and would only ever get a glimpse of it as it passed by. Well one fine day I was trolling craigslist and there it was, up for sale with a bad clutch! Well long story short I was unable to get the car and went on sulking and bitching for about a year and a half until i saw it once again up for sale! This time I was able to get the car for MUCH less than I had recently offered the previous owner, but she is now in need of much more than just a gents and ladies...This is the beginning of the story of me and my beautiful RedRock3t...I must admit i am a bit of a amature but I am excited to get this car into perfect shape once again so that I may meet some of you all out in the wilds of the open roads...its great to meet you all and this is just the beginning to a great friendship!! ^_^
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I knew it was this car. This started out here in my city in Wa state years ago. Its what made me want a p11. Nice find
Theres a few pics of the beast as it is right now...over the winter shes getting darn near a complete overhaul...i have heard shes from san fran and is well known out that way...i love the car and am going to keep it fix it up and get it back into its once former glory...take it easy guys and ill keep up with the updates...
Yea its been all over the place. This was probably 7-8 years ago it was here. It got sold and made its way to cali and then started going out east
wow and she ended up way over here in sc wisco...shes been neglected but shes in good hands bro...i wanted this car the first time i saw it and i knew it would one day be mine...
why everyone haz turbo but me :(

haha but serious red is such a good color on the g20, and yours is just supa sexy.
Thanks alot for all of the complements guys it means alot...I love the car and cant believe I have it far I am just trying to get together a list of all of the parts I will be needing in order to get her into fighting shape, and any advice on parts is GREATLY appreciated so far the list is...

Clutch (Thinking ACT but not sure on the exact one advice would be great)
Flywheel (Thinking Fidanza solely on reputation but any ideas are welcome)
CV axles (I would like to get some higher quality that can handle the higher HP I plan on getting)
Brakes (DBA kangaroo paw rotors and Hawk pads any one have any experience with DBA?)
Tires (Honestly no clue what to go with other then size 215 45 17)
Inner and outter tie rods (also would like to get higher quality if available)
possibly control arms (any opinions on Energy bushings being pressed in?)
Rear Sway Bar links and or bushings (also thinking about Energy bushings )
Lots of paint and body work and TONS of interior cleaning...
Also a good solid tune with the SAFC and Greddy boost controller as i am a huge amature when it comes to this type of thing...Let me know what you all think if you could and I really do appreciate all of the positive comments and help...thanks again

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