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New to!!

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Hi everyone! I'm a new member to this forum though I have been reading post for several months, much to my advantage! I had the fortune of buying a 95 G20 last november and have been highly impressed with the vehicle (which is not easily done ;] ) I bought the car with 203,000 miles on it and have put 30,000 on it in 9 months. I am the third owner and the vehicle was dealer maintained for more than half of it's life. It runs very well though I've had to go through three alternators and my second water pump blew a month ago. Considering I've been driving it regaurdless (100 Miles a day generally) with no problems save having the heater continually running and having to fill the radiator weekly, I have decided to keep it and put a new motor into the car so I'm sure I will be posting in the forums Soon! Thanks!
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Welcome. What part of AZ? Im in Mesa.
AZGs are a bunch of....

cool people!

welcome to the site
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welcome to the dysfunctional family.

I know there are a bunch of how-to related articles for almost every type of maintenance in the sponsors section.
As well as a bunch of members (myself included) that know how to do major engine work.
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