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Firstly as a new person here I would like to say 'Hello to everyone'

But now I have few questions which I would like to ask people who owns Primera P12 models.

I'm planning to buy car in next month or so, predominately for my wife, as she will be driving to hospital appointments with our boy. Because of that she has a major say of which car we will choose. Our budget is around $1500 and we narrow our choices to Primera P12 (2002 maybe 2003) or Ford Focus. We owned Mondeo few years ago and I was quite happy with Ford, however we both loved Primera for quite a while so it's looked like it will be a winner.

However before I buy a car I have few questions for you:

1. What I should pay attention to before buying used Primera? Engine, electronics or bodywork?

2. Following question one - what are most common age related problems?

3. Which engine is the more economic in terms of driving in the city (London to be specific)? I noticed most cars has either 1.8 Petrol or 2.2dCi (also is there any difference in insurance quote because of engine?)

4. Some of the cars listed has Sat Nav, some not - is it possible to add Sat Nav later? I read few topics here about buying disc and saw few auctions on eBay with whole units - are they fit all P12 models regardless of age?

5. How complicated is to operate the central control panel? My previous Ford was quite simple and have just few knobs and buttons, and my wife is not the real tech geek

For now it will be everything from me.
Thank you in advance for all answers and apologise if I posted in wrong forum

PS. I enjoy traveling by bike and sometimes I get my bike with me....Want to buy good bike bag, do you know something for Primera? 'm looking for a bag purely to take my bike in my car and to store it in hotel rooms etc. I don't plan to ever take it on a plane so it doesn't have to be padded and armour plated.
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