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I think dane and ryan are thinking Mariners, not Sounders.

The governor announced last Thursday we will be in phase 3 on 3/22 unless cases spike again. It allows 25% capacity with social distance and masks. Like 10mins later the Sounders said they they are trying to figure out how to get people in the stands for the first game on 4/16 vs the Loons which I believe is the only game they have actually scheduled so far. I got a season ticket email questionnaire that basically asked if I would go to the games in 2021 soon as available, maybe wait till summer, or not at all; so the front office is trying to calculate how much space they need. We tarp off the upper section of the stadium anyway; we have 68k seats in Seahawks configuration, but Sounders only run about 38k, so I would think that we could open it up the top and spread everyone out that wants to go we could make it work.
25341 - 25360 of 25493 Posts