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OBD1 gtir powered 96 P10

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Okay, so I havent posted on here in quite some time. Its been a couple years now that I've had a 93 NX2000 with a Gtir sr20det in her and she's been a great car. I however was young and stupid and pulled the interior, removed the a/c and the power steering. The car ran a 13.9 at 97mph. A couple months ago I was hit by a motorcycle (yes he hit me. dumb mf not paying attention.) and it more or less totaled my baby. Because of my car being damaged I got the dumb idea that I wanted the GTIR motor in my 96 G20. I used this site and sr20forum for information but was sad when most everybody said converting to OBD1 was too tedious and stupid to attempt the swap. I should just use the stock harness I have and get a tuned ecu. Well I am here to tell you that is not true. My car fired up last night with everything working through the OBD1 ecu. The fans kicked on like they are supposed to and the A/C works perfectly. All gauges on my dash work and the car seems perfect. Sadly, Im still using a stock unmodified gtir ecu, so I can only do 115mph which sucks but the car runs like a raped date. Also, if any remember the G20 I had on here before, I still have her and she was the recipient of the motor and a few exterior upgrades. I've yet to decide on keeping the top mount IC or convert to front mount but for now, Im just happy she's running as well as she is. I will be posting pics as soon as Im fully finished with the hood modification and then you all can see whats up with OBD2-OBD1 swaps :p
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