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Oiling Pin Replacement

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Please help. A while ago I had the oiling pin for my timing chain knocked off by slop in the chain itself. This led to catastrophic failure due to a loss in oil pressure requiring a rebuild. So I went ahead and ordered a new pin from Nissan, but I definitely don't want this to happen again. Can anyone familiar with this part tell me how I should reinstall the oiling pin so that it is more secure? It looks like it was tapped in by Nissan, but I was wondering if I can thread it. Hopefully someone knows what I am talking about. Otherwise I can post some pics of the part and where it is supposed to be located.
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I had never removed are installed problem with threading it is having it tight enough are not to tight and clocked correctly. It should be a really tight fit. With out installing it one won't really know
Thanks for the quick response... Do you know which way it's clocked?
I had a pic. But their are a few build treads in members rides showing engines no front cover on stands. So third are photos already hear you have to hunt a little.
I linked another member a while back this same very thing
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