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OOps!! P10 Clutch in a P11!!

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When my clutch blew this winter, I used the key value clutch in my 99t!! I'm just realizing this now as I troubleshoot a strange vibration in the drivetrain. I also found a ripped boot on my driverside axle, which is completly understandable considering the axle has 180000 miles on it and my 99t is SLAMMED 24/7/365 in MASS!!!! As far as the clutch, I don't know what kinda crack I was smoking when I ordered, recived, and installed the wrong clutch. LESSON: IF YOU DON'T HAVE TIME TO DO IT RIGHT , YOU BETTER HAVE TIME TO DO IT AGAIN!!! SO needless to say I have a few projects to do. Axle, clutch, motor mounts, upper mounts for tein ss coilovers, maybe an upper right link, tranny fluid swap, front o2 sensor. Hopefully thats it!~!
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they are all the same.
Wow you just about did everything wrong. No wonder it doesn't feel right.

something very strange about this thread? Can anyone tell what it is!
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