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Our Former G20 will be running NASA Nationals at Miller Sep 8, 2013 12:20pm PST LIVE!

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Miller Park in Utah is where NASA Nationals is this year.

The new owner of or G20 track rat has done some upgrades (it has more hp now with cams and air intake) so it is going to be running PTE instead of PTF.

If anyone is curious, the race will be broadcast live online on speedtv just like last year. The race starts at 12:20pm Pacific Standard Time and is a 45 minute race. Our friend Brett is also entered with his B13. Right now the only FWD cars in that class are both SR20 powered.

For anyone who wants to watch live, here is the website:
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The other 'update' I have to provide is the new owner did really well in his 1st ever race weekend with the car! He had just finished competition school with it and got himself talked into running a higher class even though the car was not properly prepped for it. It was a 3 race weekend and he finished 2nd place out of 5 cars in his 3rd race! (keep in mind the car was still under prepared for PTE at this time). It was at that point they decided to try for Nationals but with some upgrades 1st so I will be very curious to see how he does at Nationals! In other words, the new owner has some very good race craft skills and I'm very happy to see the car being driven at Nationals even though we could not make it. Hopefully the Nissan rep is out there again and talks to the new owners!
I am very sad to report that the car won't be racing this year after all due to overrev to 8500 in a practice session yesterday :( ...a real bummer because his 2nd lap ever at that track was on-par with today's 2nd through 4th place finishers in the qualify race... next year!!! year it will be back!
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